Multiple Applications to Meet Your Needs

The SmartTank is designed with four connection options to meet any installation need. With over 2,000 installs performed, we have experience with any installation type. Our team works one-on-one with each customer to create a customized installation plan, this ensures the appropriate selection of application and connection type.

Hard Piped to Fryer:

  • Virtually eliminates all oil handling. The safest way to connect your fryer.
  • Tank is connected to fryer using ¾” black steel piping and high-temp hose.
  • Requires self-filtering fryers with oil evacuation kit.
  • High temp hose connection allows fryers to be moved in and out for cleaning.
  • Paired with a remote on/off box for employee efficiency and time savings.

Quick Connect to Filter Machine:

  • Greatly reduces oil handling by connecting to portable filter machine.
  • 3/4” Black pipe is run near the fryer and installed with a ball valve.
  • For evacuation the filter machine hose is quick connected to the pipe.
  • Paired with a remote on/off box for simple efficient operation.

Quick Connect Caddy

  • For locations using cone filtering, don’t use self-filtering fryers or don’t filter oil.
  • Great solution for malls, arenas and locations where running pipe is difficult.
  • Requires a caddy with quick connect capabilities.
  • Utilizing the EnviCor caddy with locking lid, sealed gasket and folding handle reduces the risk associated with transporting oil from the fryer to the tank.
  • A safer and cleaner alternative to carrying oil to an outdoor bin.

Remote Wand

  • Pipe is run near the fryers and then connects to a high temp hose with wand.
  • The wand will then “vacuum” oil from the fryer.
  • Designed to work with fryers that do not have easily accessed drain valves.

To learn more about how the EnviCor SmartTank can improve your operation, call us at 877.823.7231