About EnviCor

Founded in 2006, EnviCor is a rotational molding and design company with roots in liquid management for the highly regulated petroleum industry going back to 1989. 

Committed to Our Customer’s Success.

Our philosophy is simple. At the heart of our company is a commitment to helping customers grow their business through innovative, advanced solutions. EnviCor’s customers know they are working with true professionals who understand their business and are committed to building ling-term partnerships.

EnviCor’s team is comprised of highly skilled professionals – engineers, developers, business leaders and restaurant experts – uniquely qualified to lead the development and innovation of liquid management solutions from our modern manufacturing facility in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Our experience designing custom solutions combined with our restaurant industry knowledge made EnviCor’s Liquid Management Solution (LMS), powered by the SmartTank, a natural step. Compelled to give customers an innovative and advanced solution, we build our SmartTank LMS to address common waste oil challenges and improve profitability for restaurants and oil recyclers alike.

At EnviCor, we make knowing your business, our business. This requires us to have a deep understanding of how our partners operate and compete in their industry. With this deep understanding, we develop unique and innovative solutions capable of driving profitability and forging long-term partnerships.

Steve Arnold

Steve Arnold

CEO & President

A proven innovator and trusted industry leader, Steve started his career in plastics manufacturing in 1993 and co-founded EnviCor in 2006 as majority shareholder to focus on advanced customer solutions. Today, Steve still leads every facet of EnviCor including product development, day-to-day operations and growing the company at rates of up to 45 percent annually. He’s also responsible for two EnviCor patents regarding the SmartTank LMS. Before starting EnviCor, Steve served 13 years with Environ Products Inc., a leading petroleum equipment manufacturer specializing in underground piping and secondary containment systems. As president of Environ, Steve helped the organization reach $42 million in annual revenue and establish exclusive partnerships with companies such as BP and Exxon/Mobil.

Mark Lederman

Mark Lederman

VP of Technology & Engineering

A mechanical engineer with over a decade of experience designing, implementing and selling process control equipment. Prior to joining the EnviCor team, Mark spent 12 years at R.E. Mason where he helped large industrial plants increase production and profitability, and reduce waste and rework. While at R.E. Mason, Mark managed the industrial wireless business unit and was critical to the design and manufacture of the controls for The EnviCor SmartTank. Today, in addition to his responsibilities leading the evolution of the The SmartTank, Mark provides engineering support for all aspects of EnviCor’s custom rotary molding business. He can often be found collaborating with our customers on product design, mold fabrication or finished product handling and logistics. Day in and day out, Mark delivers on EnviCor’s culture of treating all of our business partners like they are our only customer.

Jarrod Hamilton

Jarrod Hamilton

VP of Commercial Operations

A proven marketer and business person with a diverse background, Jarrod started his career with Bloomberg Financial Markets prior to getting an MBA from The Kenan-Flagler Business school. After business school he went to work in marketing, business development and new product development at Eli Lilly and CMG Partners, a Strategic Marketing Consultancy. Today, Jarrod leads EnviCor’s commercial operations, responsible for strategy, marketing and sales execution. For customers and prospects, seeking EnviCor’s input early in the product development process, Jarrod’s diverse experience and commercial perspective is highly valued.

To learn more about how the EnviCor SmartTank can improve your operation, call us at 877.823.7231